Members of PTD

Pressure Thermal Dynamics (PTD), located in Moerdijk, The Netherlands, is the parent company of Verolme, Schelde Exotech, Logan Industries International and Nordic Custom. These four companies are all active in the field of industrial equipment manufacturing, building state-of-the-art custom machinery and high-end process equipment. Through cooperation by these four companies, they can serve customers all over the planet.

Logan Industries International Corporation is a world-class machine repair, design, manufacture, and service company. We serve as your application-specific, solutions-based Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), delivering innovative solutions backed by outstanding aftermarket repair, service, and support. Since 2020, Logan has been producing special alloy equipment such as pressure vessels, heat exchangers, columns, and related equipment in clean room conditions. All fit for purpose and state of this art in the US industry.

Schelde Exotech is a highly qualified and reliable manufacturer of industrial equipment. In accordance with strict quality standards, we design, manufacture, test and service sophisticated products that match the exact requirements and specifications of our clients. Schelde Exotech is active in numerous high-tech industries.

Verolme is a world leader in manufacturing high-end process equipment. Verolme’s core expertise is building state-of-the-art heat exchangers, pressure vessels and reactors in the high temperature, high pressure, and high corrosion resistance area.

(Estonia) Nordic Custom is specialized in engineering, welding and construction of mission critical equipment (including series) in special alloys, ballistic steels, aluminum, stainless steels, with additional value- add services as laser cleaning and –welding and a large pickling facility