Marine Scrubber Service and Repair

The "International Maritime Organization" (IMO) imposes increasingly stringent emission regulations to meet global environmental obligations. These measures, with regard to sulfur reductions, came into effect on January 1, 2020. The purpose of these new rules is to lower the global exhaust gas sulfur limit from 3.5% to 0.5%. Because large ships emissions are so considerable, the implications of this step will be felt widely.
Installing marine scrubbers is a solution to combat sulfur emissions. A marine scrubber is an exhaust gas cleaning system and is a cost-effective way of complying with the new IMO rules. Alternative options are switching to low-Sulphur fuels or transfer to dual fuel engines or liquid natural gas.
These scrubbers use sea water to clean the exhaust gasses, producing a highly corrosive fluid.
Verolme is specialized in building high corrosion-resistant scrubbers. Corrosion resistance is essential for the economic life span of the scrubber.
Over the last couple of years Verolme has successfully completed several scrubber projects, with challenging deadlines.
Worldwide, already several thousand vessels have been equipped with scrubbers. Unfortunately, not all of these systems have been manufactured as well as others. Signs of damage and corrosion are already starting to appear and several systems have already broken down. With Verolme's experience and knowledge in building scrubbers, we also offer specialized teams for repair and maintenance work worldwide. A number of dedicated containerized workshops are positioned at strategic locations around the world (Antwerp / Rotterdam, China, Singapore and Houston). These workshops provide our employees all the tools they need to perform their work when time is of the essence.
The Verolme teams are ready, flexible and can be used worldwide!

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