Pressure Vessels

Verolme® Special Equipment is a very well experienced fabricator of various types of pressure vessels; reactors, towers, vessels, etc. We are equippped to handle vessels with diameters over 10 meter and lengths of 80 meters in our new shop. Vessels of carbon steel, chromoly steel, stainless steel, duplex steel, alloy steel, nickel steel, clad steel, copper, copper nickel alloys, etc. are fabricated to high quality standards and special client requirements. We have satisfied numerous customers around the world. Towers fully dressed, reactors with process internals, vessels with special design internals, fully weld cladded reactors, and solid stainless, duplex, alloy, and nickel steel reactors (with wall thicknesses over 85mm) have been fabricated by Verolme® Special Equipment the recent years.

Special welding equipment is used to automate the welding of the long and rounds seams to obtain the best quality at a high speed with the least indications in the welds. For thermal design purposes or to accommodate future non-destructive examination, reactors have been fabricated using saddled type nozzles with diameters up to 62 inch. Also forged Y-ring constructions have been integrated at the shell to skirt connection to obtain the best temperature / stress distribution (verified with Finite Element Analyses).