Polysilicon Equipment

Verolme® Special Equipment is known as a specialist in the area of high pressure, high temperature and highly corrosive environments. We are a top supplier for most of the major companies in the Polysilicon sector.

In the last decade we successfully delivered more than 2000 tonnes of pressure containing equipment to customers all over the world. We manufactured a high number of fluid bed reactors, special heat exchangers, hydrogenation & hydrochlorination reactors and reactor effluent exchangers. This equipment has all been made of our proprietary grade of alloy 800H, known in the Polysilicon industry as Verolme 800H/HT Modified®. Our proven track record shows that all Verolme equipment functions without any indication whatsoever of stress-relaxation-cracking (SRC) or other mechanical defects.

Are you a reputable Polysilicon producer? Do you have plans to expand your production capacity? Do you want to be 100% sure to avoid stress relaxation cracking in your equipment? We are the supplier of choice for high quality & reliable equipment for years of safe operations without any failures. Our Verolme 800H/HT Modified® is the only way to manufacture equipment that will last for decades.