Heat Exchangers

One of the products we are specialized in are high-end heat exchangers. Verolme Special Equipment manufactures shell & tube heat exchangers for every process during which energy is released. Whether it is a question of a gas, a liquid or a sediment substance, we are able to produce high-yield heat exchangers. We are well-known as one of the leaders in manufacturing shell & tube heat exchangers in all kinds of special materials according to international standards.

Special applications require specially designed heat exchangers. Corrosive environments and complex and extreme properties of fluids such as gases, liquids, condensing vapors and boiling liquids are some elements that require high-end equipment. Several decades of experience and continuous improvements of our production methods have made Verolme Special Equipment a specialist in building heat exchangers for specific applications such as high pressures, corrosive environments and temperatures up to more than 800 °C. Therefore, we are able to serve our customers in their specific needs for high-end heat exchangers.