We are a leading manufacturer of high-end heat exchangers, pressure vessels and reactors for the oil & gas, petrochemical and polysilicon industries worldwide.

Within Verolme®  Special Equipment  we believe in three core competencies:

Industry leading Know-how
We have developed an extensive knowledge of building high-quality and complex process equipment. Our engineering department contributes to customers' product development and provides advice and solutions on complex issues. This results in reliable, sustainable, and efficient state-of-the-art equipment. Verolme® Special Equipment is well-known for the use of 'exotic' materials such as titanium, nickel and copper alloys. For more than two decades we have been involved a Dutch research group from TNO (an independent research organization that forms a link in the chain of knowledge between science and companies) to investigate the use of Verolme 800H Modified® material. Verolme 800H Modified® equipment is widely used in the Polysilicon industry. Moreover, we contribute to various other international research initiatives to ensure continuous innovation.

World-class Quality
Verolme® Special Equipment is known for manufacturing equipment with world-class quality. Many devices are more than 15 years in service without any problems. To ensure this industry leading quality, we have our own highly developed Quality Assurance & Quality Control department. We have the following qualifications: ISO 9001, ASME U1 & U2, NBBI R HP0 TUV, PED 97/23/EC (module H1), EN 729-2, and the Manufacturing License of China. We work according to ASME VIII div. 1 & 2, ADM 2000, RToD, PD 5500, and EN 13445. Moreover, we have invested in the most advanced welding equipment and welding techniques. Together with a highly experienced staff we are able to achieve the highest quality in the industry.

Excellent Customer-focus
Within Verolme® Special Equipment we are committed to fulfilling customers’ needs. We deliver a high level of service to our customer. We invest in a personal relationship with our clients and are able to respond quickly to their needs. Verolme® Special Equipment adds value by delivering support on product development and providing solutions to their challenges. By working closely together with our customers we are able to help them achieve their goals.

Verolme’s®  strategic focus on industry leading know-how, world-class quality, and excellent customer-focus adds value to  our customers and fulfills their need for process equipment worldwide.

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