Verolme is a member of PTD Group


Verolme has been a worldwide equipment supplier to a wide variety of markets.

Next to the equipment, mostly supplied in special alloys and unique in its range, Verolme also started other activities such as maritime activities and offshore activities.


Process equipment such as pressure vessels, heat exchangers, columns and other special equipment in special alloys have been core products at Verolme for decades.

Since its restructuring in 2021, Verolme is addressing those activities with its sister companies with the PTD-group. However, Verolme kept the key team that has been dealing with these special products and projects ever since, being a welcomed competence source for addressing and supporting group activities.


Verolme has made a successful step in the field of marine scrubber manufacturing in various corrosion resistant materials for a wide variety of OEM’s as part of its diversification strategy.

The successful completion of various single or multi-item scrubber series has not only been manufactured at high customer satisfaction level, also project- and quality-management wise, Verolme is a proven capable partner for this product-market combination.


Since 2019, Verolme started global maritime and on-site welding service as a result of supplying marine scrubbers to a wide variety of OEM’s.

Welding special alloys is an art and unique skill set that is highly valued by Verolme’s client and prospect base. Next to Northern Europe, the Verolme service hubs include the Mediterranean, Asia-Pacific and North America.


As Logan Industries has been acquired in 2018 with the desire to start service hubs around the world, Verolme has been filling in this wish and started service operations for large bore hydraulic cylinders for Europe as well from Asia (Singapore).

Repair, overhaul or even manufacturing of those cylinders, used in harsh off- or on-shore applications is our specialism.


In the past Verolme has proven to be partner or co-maker to a variety of globally recognized end users, contractors and OEM’s being the single source of mission critical process equipment, in most cases made out of exotic alloys from single spool piece to complex hydrogenation reactors.

Following references have provided their recognition to Verolme its skill set and craftsmanship.

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