Verolme® Special Equipment B.V.

Verolme® Special Equipment is a world leader in manufacturing high-end process equipment. Our core expertise is building state-of-the-art heat exchangers, pressure vessels and reactors in the high temperature, high pressure, and high corrosion resistance area. We are a proud member of Verolme® Corporate in The Netherlands.

Our company has built a reputation for delivering the best equipment on the market with world-class quality and unmatched reliability. We have the privilege to cooperate with excellent companies such as ExxonMobil, Total, BP, and many others. Verolme® Special Equipment has been able to help customers in the oil & gas-, petrochemical, chemical, and polysilicon industries worldwide in more than 30 countries.

UPDATE: Verolme's new branding video

Verolme has made a new branding video in collaboration with DOORZICHT!


UPDATE: Expansion at Logan Industries

Logan's 50.000 square feet expansion is making great progress! We expect this expansion to be fully operational in the third quarter of 2020.

UPDATE: Verolme is in the CSI 2020 magazine!

Verolme features in the Clean Shipping International 2020 summer edition! Clean Shipping International provides insight into topics like regulatory, technological, operational and commercial aspects of sustainable shipping.

Are you looking for a well-known, reputable, best-in-class supplier for your process equipment needs? 

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VSE and Sustainability

Being a social responsible company represents for us the ambition to actively contribute to the development and well-being of our employees and society, to ensure a healthy environment, while creating sustainable profitable growth.

Verolme 800H Modified​®

We specialize in the fabrication of equipment operated in high-temperature environments (500 - 1000 °C) where standard material (UNS N 08810) becomes susceptible to Stress Relaxation Cracking. Verolme® Special Equipment has developed the material Verolme800H Modified® to prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon.



Verolme Scrubber Service and Repair

Worldwide, already several thousand vessels have been equipped with scrubbers. With Verolme's experience and knowledge in building scrubbers, we also offer specialized teams for repair and maintenance work. The Verolme teams are ready, flexible and can be used worldwide! 


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